Announcing | NYFA Video by Affiliated Artist Mac Premo

Announcing | NYFA Video by Affiliated Artist Mac Premo

Meet NYFA in 2.34 minutes. 

If someone were to ask you to describe NYFA in a nutshell, how would you do it? Video/Film Fellow and formerly Fiscally Sponsored Artist Mac Premo was up to the challenge, highlighting NYFA’s programs and resources in a short video done in his signature DIY style. Watch it and consider the ways in which NYFA may have helped you or someone in your artist community. If you think we’ve made a difference, please give $5 to help us continue our work in supporting and empowering artists at all stages of their creative lives. Click here to give a tax-deductible donation today.

About Mac Premo
Premo, b. 1973, is an American artist, stuffmaker, and graduate of RISD. He has exhibited art in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, D.C., and Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is represented by Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York. Premo has won 7 New York Emmy® Awards; four were awarded to Premo for a previous NYFA video titled “NYFA Gift.” A 2008 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow in Video/Film, he currently makes art, illustration, commercials, and dinner on most nights. Premo lives in Brooklyn with his wife and totally radical daughters.

Special Thanks
Mac Premo, Divya Gadangi, Adrianna Dufay, Ann Lupo, Owen McLean, NYFA Executive Director Michael L. Royce, Zachary Fabri (Fellow in Interdisciplinary Work ’12), Rica Takashima (IAP ’13 and ’17 and Fiscally Sponsored Artist), and Roxa Smith (Fellow in Painting ’12)

Image: Mac Premo (Fellow in Video/Film ’08) filming Roxa Smith (Fellow in Painting ’12) at her Brooklyn studio, April 2017, Photo: Amy Aronoff for NYFA

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