Apply Now | Get Ready for NYSCA 2019 Grants with NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship!

Apply Now | Get Ready for NYSCA 2019 Grants with NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship!

The 2019 New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) grant season is here!

To apply to New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) FY2019 grants, you must be a nonprofit organization or have a fiscal sponsor. NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship conveniently offers an Out-of-Cycle Review application to help artists gear up for this funding opportunity. We encourage applicants to plan accordingly, as Out-of-Cycle applications for Fiscal Sponsorship submitted after February 16, 2018 will not be processed in time to meet the NYSCA grant deadline.

What is a NYSCA grant?
NYSCA allocates large-scale funding to New York State nonprofit organizations and individual artists with a fiscal sponsor. NYSCA application guidelines are announced each winter, and artists and organizations receive funding for project activities the following calendar year.  

How do I know if I qualify? 
Read the FY2019 Grant Guidelines for your program to learn how a grant from NYSCA can support you. The grant is open to New York State residents with projects occurring within the state, and you must be a nonprofit organization or have a fiscal sponsor.  

What is NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship?
NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship serves as a fiscal conduit by submitting grant applications on behalf of individual artists and organizations for funding opportunities restricted to tax-exempt organizations, such as NYSCA.

NYFA’s program provides free one-on-one consultations, feedback on fundraising plans, review of grant proposals and marketing materials, in addition to assistance with grant submissions and reporting, and the ability to use NYFA’s 501c3 tax-exempt status to expand fundraising capabilities for their own projects.  

How does Out-of-Cycle Review work?
In order to help meet grant deadlines, NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship provides artists with Out-of-Cycle application reviews. To apply for an Out-of-Cycle Review, follow the application links provided below. There is a $175 administrative fee for applications with a turnaround period of about two weeks. We encourage applicants to plan accordingly, as fiscal sponsorship status must be acquired before applying to the NYSCA grant.

If you want to apply for NYSCA’s funding, you must apply for Out-of-Cycle Review with NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship by February 16. Click one of the links below to apply:

Artist Project*

Emerging Organization

*If you are considering the Individual Artist Program for the Dance Commissions Category, please note that your fiscal sponsor must also be the commissioning entity/venue. NYFA cannot be this type of fiscal sponsor for you. You should review and consider applying under the Dance Program, Professional Performances category instead. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

Application Requirements: Project Description, Budget, Fundraising Strategy, Resumes, Work Samples, Letters of Support.

Questions? Please contact [email protected].

Learn more about NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship by clicking here. NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship’s next quarterly no-fee application deadlines are March 30, June 30, and September 30, with Out-of-Cycle Reviews accepted year-round. Questions? You can view our FAQ page here. Sign up for our free bi-weekly newsletter, NYFA News, for the latest updates and news about Sponsored Projects and Emerging Organizations.

Image: Shadow Play, 2017, Virtual Reality simulation, Shadow Puppetry motifs by Lily & Honglei Art Studio. This project received a grant from NYSCA in FY2018.

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