Creative Careers |  Best Practices for Job Seekers

Creative Careers |  Best Practices for Job Seekers

NYFA Classifieds receives more listings per day than any other arts-focused job board.

This means there is a good chance a relevant opportunity is waiting for you on our site! We’ve gathered a list of tips to help you use NYFA Classifieds strategically, better prepare yourself for the exciting moment when a position catches your eye, and then ultimately land your next job! 

Setting yourself up for success: 

  • Add as a tab in your browser. Check back frequently to see what new positions have been published.
  • Sign up for our mailing list. We often share job roundups that may highlight open positions you’ll want to check out.
  • Follow NYFA on social media. We post our job roundups and share other exciting opportunities through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
  • Update your LinkedIn page. Many employers use LinkedIn to learn more about you during the hiring process so you’ll want to put your best foot forward on this platform.

While using NYFA Classifieds:

  • Use filters to narrow down the list of jobs. NYFA Classifieds posts a wide variety of listings, but not all are relevant to you. Our Advanced Search options also let you select position type, position level, education required, and/or industry.
  • Search keywords on NYFA Classifieds in multiple ways to ensure you’re capturing all relevant listings (e.g. P.R. vs. Public Relations).
  • Don’t neglect older listings. Advertisers leave listings up until the position is filled, so even if it was published a few weeks ago, you should still apply if you have relevant skills.

Once you’ve found a job you’d like to apply to:

  • We vet our listings closely, but we encourage you to research employers and decide what sounds like a good opportunity for your situation. At the same time, be careful of red flags. Don’t apply to a job or continue in a job application process if they ask you to provide bank info (if this happens, please let us know!). If possible, it’s wise to check that the email address of your contact matches the website url.
  • Follow application instructions closely. Read the full description and supply the potential employer with everything they are looking for. You want to give them a good first impression and be sure they know right off the bat that you can follow instructions. Easy win!
  • Save a copy of the listing. You will want to have access to the listing information throughout the application process. If the employer sees an influx of applicants, they may take the listing down.
  • Put your resume in order based on relevance to the position
  • Use the information you’ve obtained from the job description to highlight only the most important applicable skills and experiences in your C.V. or cover letter.
  • Peruse the potential employer’s website for additional information and to ensure that you do want to work for this person or organization.

We hope these tips are helpful throughout your job search! Thank you for continuing to help make NYFA Classifieds a valuable online source our creative communities.  

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– Molly Martin, Account Manager, Classifieds

Image: Alejandra Munizaga (Sculpture Fellow ‘01)

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