“Each day presents a new set of challenges that must be addressed”

Art handlers work with a variety of art institutions: art galleries, museums, corporate art collections and public art exhibitions. Their expertise is integral to the fast-paced world of art. Just think, every exhibition must be installed and deinstalled. Tons of artwork is safely packed, handled and transported to numerous gallery openings and museums nationwide. Art handlers often work in coordination with registrars, collection specialists, and curators to ensure that art is being handled with the utmost care.

David Us, Assistant Manager, Crozier Fine Arts, notes there is no “typical” day for an art handler, “Each day presents a new set of challenges that must be addressed. A good art handler will be prepared with the proper tools and materials to accommodate any situation that may arise.”

When hiring applicants, he looks for artists with fine arts experience or individuals who have worked in a museum/gallery setting. In addition, Crozier offers an in-house training program that ensures that all art handlers within the company operate at a consistent standard. The primary responsibilities for Crozier’s program and for many art handling jobs include:

  • Ensuring the safe and timely preparation of works of art for display, exhibition, and conservation.
  • Handling and moving art, including installation and de-installation in the galleries and storage areas.
  • Understanding of how to properly package artworks within a truck to keep them safe and stable during transport.
  • Selecting proper archival and other packing materials depending upon the medium and fragility of the artwork.

If art handling piques your interest, take a look at these recent opportunities listed on NYFA Classifieds:

Crate Shop Technician
Artex, Inc.
Long Island City, NY

Art Handler
U.S.Art Company, Inc.
Long Island City, NY

Art Handler
Crozier Fine Arts / Crozier Decorative Arts
New York, NY

Preparator & Installer
Art Gallery
Buffalo, NY

Art Handler
ASP Fine Art Services
Long Island City, NY

Temporary Art Handler
New York, NY

Art Handler
Green Crates
Brooklyn, NY

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– Glory Edim, Program Associate, Online Resources 

Image:  Jane South (Fellow in Sculpture ‘07, Finalist in Crafts/Sculpture ‘14), Shifting Structures

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