NYFA’s mission is to empower artists at
critical stages in their creative lives. We are passionate about serving artists
in all disciplines, and believe that what we do is meaningful. Artists have
told us that our grant programs have given them incredible encouragement and
the funds they need to create, that our professional development programs have
enabled them to move their careers to the next level, and that our online
have made it possible for them to find jobs, residencies, exhibition
and performance opportunities, and other critical information.

of this feedback comes to us through our personal interactions with artists,
many of whom remain in contact with us and participate in more than one of our
programs. But we wanted a more rigorous and formal means of assessment and in
2014 we secured a grant to examine the short and long-term impacts of our key
programs. We are very proud to report that what we have heard over the years was
borne out. More than 1,000 artists participated in this study and here is
some of what they told us:

  • 97% of Artist as
    Entrepreneur Boot Camp participants achieved one of the professional goals
    set for themselves during the program, and 84% achieved all their goals.
  • 95% of the recipients
    of the Fellowship award said that it provided important encouragement and
    validation of their work
    , and 70% said it made a great or significant
    difference in their career and creative growth, allowing them to make more
  • 80% of the artists
    who participated in our Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program felt more confident
    and better connected to the New York City arts community
    , and 58% had solo
    shows or performances or were included in group shows or festivals as a result
    of their participation.

These are just a few of the
highlights from a highly detailed report, which also shows that as a result of
our work artists spend more of their time creating and generate more personal
income from their art. If you would be interested in receiving a copy of the
report, please contact our Senior Officer, Special Events & Individual Giving, Ellen Claycomb at [email protected] or 212-366-6900 ext. 207.

These programs are possible
because of the generosity of our donors. We now know without question
that what we are doing is having a tremendous impact. If you would like to support NYFA’s mission today so we can continue helping artists to realize their dreams, you can do so by clicking here. Your
donation makes all the difference.

Image: Ayano Hisa (Fellow in Photography ‘13)

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