End of Year Giving Fundraising Tips

End of Year Giving Fundraising Tips

Use this month to raise money or update funders on your progress

The month of December is filled with emails, letters and pledge drives in an effort to make one last push for donors to support a cause. But what are smaller non-profit projects to do during such a high volume of competition for donors’ attention? Here are NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship Program Officer Courtney Harge’s tips for ending the year on a positive note with your funders:

  1. Recognize that December is a crowded fundraising time – if you are not prepared with a unique pitch or challenge, consider a more robust individual giving campaign at a different time of year.
  2. Do connect with your donors! This is a great time to offer a simple update on your activities and let them know your plans for the upcoming year.
  3. Check for any reporting deadlines. The end of a calendar year is a great time to review any grant awards to see when you need to report. You can also use this time to prepare your grant calendar for next year!

The winter deadline for NYFA’s fiscal sponsorship program is Wednesday, December 31. Open to individual artists and artist-run emerging organizations, the program offers access to large-scale funding opportunities from foundations or corporate funders that are usually restricted to 501©(3) tax-exempt organizations among many more benefits. Find out more here.

Image: Letha Wilson (Fellow in Photography, 2013), Hug Grand Tetons, 2011.
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