Meet a NYFA Artist: Theresa Bloise

Meet a NYFA Artist: Theresa Bloise

Pieces. 20" x 16".  Watercolor and ink on paper. 2013. Credit: Theresa Bloise. 

NYFA speaks with 2010 Painting Fellow Theresa Bloise. 

NYFA: Hi Theresa! Can you tell us what are you working on and/or what’s coming up for you?

TB: The past year or so I have been working on large apocalyptic landscape paintings of ocean and space debris. I am fascinated by the mark people have left on the environment, even in places we can’t live.

This April my work is being included in a show at Vaudeville Park in Williamsburg Brooklyn with a few other other artists who use similar processes to create their images. Maya Brym, another 2010 NYFA Fellow, is curating it.

NYFA: What kinds of resources are you most in need of right now as an artist?

TB: I am always looking for new opportunities to show my work. I would love to put together my own show.

NYFA: Who/what is your biggest influence or inspiration right now?

TB: The Sara Sze show that was recently at the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery was so inspiring. I love how she plays with scale. It’s like you could be looking at the whole universe or what’s in your desk draw. This ambiguity of space and scale is something I like to play with in my own work.

NYFA: Where do you go to see the work of other artists?

TB: Of course I enjoy going to all the wonderful galleries and museums in New York. I love visiting other artist’s studios. It’s such a privilege to see how others work and talk about their processes. Working alone in my own studio, it’s easy for me to get too caught up in my own head. Engaging with other artists in this way helps me see my own work with clearer perspective.

NYFA: How has The NYFA Fellowship impacted you?

TB: I have been looking forward to spending some time in China and this award will finally make that possible. With all the development there it would be interesting shift in surroundings and an excellent place to gather source material for a new project I working on.

Also, it is such a huge compliment to be included with so many other talented NYFA artists.

To learn more about Theresa Bloise, visit her website.


Bloise’s work can be viewed in the NYFA 2010 Painting Fellows Exhibition at Pfizer. The show is by appointment only: to view, contact Consultant Therese Sathue, This exhibition is part of NYFA’s Curatorial Services program. For more information on NYFA’s Curatorial Services, click here.

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