Monday Motivation | Know Your Skill Sets

Monday Motivation | Know Your Skill Sets

Kick off your week with Monday Motivation!

Tip of the week

Are there areas in which you uniquely excel? Identify those skill sets before you set off on your job search. This will help ensure you don’t limit yourself to exploring open positions based on job title alone. Focusing on the required skills of a position can open up your search to jobs that you didn’t even know matched your expertise and experiences. Find what you’re looking for on NYFA Classifieds!

This week’s highlighted jobs:

Head of Department
Bonham & Butterfields
Los Angeles, CA

Producing Director
Fusebox Festival
Austin, TX

Art Director
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Newark, NJ

Public Relations Director
Penn Museum
Philadelphia, PA

Managing Director, Pioneer Theatre
Pioneer Theatre Company
Salt Lake City, UT

This week’s highlighted opportunities:

Red Bull Arts Detroit Artist Residency
Red Bull Arts Detroit
Detroit, MI

Scandinavian Folk Arts Fellowships & Grants
American-Scandinavian Foundation
New York, NY

IA&A at Hillyer
Washington, DC

“Instant Satisfaction”- Call for Submissions- Polaroid Charity Exhibition
happy lucky no. 1 
Brooklyn, NY

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Find more jobs and opportunities on NYFA Classifieds.

– Kristin Troccoli, Sales Manager

Image: Ernesto Pujol (Fellow in Interdisciplinary Work ‘18)  

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