The Wild Bird Petroglyph

Phippsburg, ME -July 18, 2022– For the past three years, artist Kevin Sudeith has been carving petroglyphs into a ledge in Phippsburg, ME. Carved in shallow relief into the bedrock are the ingenuity Mars helicopter and a series of remarkable life-sized birds native to the region, among them a blue heron, a loon, a warbler, a thrush and a cardinal. Petroglyphs are the most durable human artworks, and Sudeith’s work will long outlast the artist and his contemporaries. The iconic images are engraved into rock outcroppings along trails of the Phippsburg Land Trust. They will be unveiled to the public through a series of guided walks this summer; the artist will be available to answer questions and discuss his work.

What: Guided tours of contemporary petroglyphs (rock carvings)

Who: New York artist Kevin Sudeith

When: 5-7 pm on Thursdays: July 21, August 4, August 18, and September 1.

Groups tours may be schedule anytime, so call 800-781-0153 or email to schedule a tour.

Where: Center Pond Preserve Trailhead, 125 Parker Head Road, Phippsburg, ME 43°48'53.4"N 69°48'35.3"W:

The goal of my work is two fold: to provide the contemporary community with an artwork with which they identify while addressing a viewer 1000 years in the future in a language they may understand.