Opportunity Spotlight | Nick Anderson Talks CODAawards

Opportunity Spotlight | Nick Anderson Talks CODAawards

NYFA Classifieds Opportunities and Services in the Arts pages are a great resource for those hoping to find ways they can share their art or bring creativity to their community. We spoke with Nick Anderson from CODAworx about the upcoming CODAawards. Nick is the Director of Online Marketing & Partnerships at CODAworx. You can learn more about the CODAawards below, as well as in the opportunities listing for these awards. 

NYFA: Can you tell us about the CODAawards?

NA: CODAworx is the “Hub of the Commissioned Art Economy” and a community for all members of the commissioned art world to showcase their work. The CODAawards is our premiere awards program that celebrates design projects that successfully integrate commissioned art into interior, architectural, or public spaces.

The goal with this award is to champion the individuals and creative teams behind these collaborative projects. These are projects all around the world that are inspiring the places where we live, work, and play in both public and private environments.

When a commission happens it is a “Collaboration Of Design + Art,” and that’s where the “CODA” comes from in CODAawards. One of the criteria for applicants is to highlight the collaborative process among the creative team. Likewise, anyone involved in the process of creating these spaces can enter the awards including artists, designers, architects, public art administrators, art consultants, and industry resources.

This will be the 5th year for the annual event. And we have many great partners who are going to help us celebrate the achievement that these creative teams have accomplished by integrating art into their design projects. Some of our partners this year include Interior Design magazine, ASID, Dwell on Design, Forecast Public Art and of course, the New York Foundation for the Arts.

The deadline for applications is May 31. Applicants can learn more at www.codaworx.com/awards

NYFA: What makes the CODAawards stand out among other opportunities for recognition for artists?

NA: When we started this program five years ago, there was nowhere that celebrated commissioned art and public art in a way that got it out to a broader audience and to the design world. Other opportunities provide recognition for artists in the arts world, or for designers and architects to their peers, but there was no other awards program that provided recognition for commissioned art in both arenas. These are collaborative projects with team members coming from a multitude of backgrounds, professions, and industries and we wanted to bring them together to celebrate this collaboration and to get them recognition in front of their counterparts that they could work with in the future.


NYFA: What advice can you give to those hoping to apply before the May 31st deadline?

Here is a great white paper on tips for entering the CODAawards. At the core of a strong project you need to have great imagery and a great story highlighting the collaboration of your team to achieve your concept.

NYFA: What are trends are you seeing from applicants/winners over the last couple of years?

NA: One of the trends we are seeing emerge over the last couple of years is the increase in technology in art projects. Our commercial category winner from 2016 was Guto Requena for his project “Light Creature-Interactive Facade”. This skyscraper’s facade lights up in different patterns due to pollution and noise as picked up from sensors on the building. We are seeing a rise in data driven art like this. We are also seeing artists and designers using light in new ways. Like Grimanesa Amoros’ “Pink Lotus” light sculpture and the uplifting light installation in the “The Color Inside” by Landmarks Public Art Agency and artist James Turrell.

While technology is becoming a growing part of the commissioned art world, traditional art forms such as sculpture and two-dimensional wall art continues to impress our jurors as well. This was seen in EDG Interior Architecture + Design’s hospitality winning mural “Neon Pigeon”, and Tim Forbes merit winning wooden sculpture “A Complexity of Crows”. I’m excited to see what types of commissioned art projects are going to stand out to our jury this year.


NYFA: What kinds of projects have CODAawards winners gone on to do?

NA: After winning the CODAawards our winners are part of an international PR program that showcases their work in front of commissioners and collaborators that will help move their careers forward.  Since August 2016, all of our winners from last year have found that having a CODAaward on their resume has really added a nod of confidence for consideration by art selection committees. Landscape winner, Patrick Marold, heard directly from several art consultants wanting to help introduce his work to clients. This April he recently completed a commission for Dallas Love Field airport.

Liturgical winner, Anne Patterson, completed a similar ribbon installation for the Ringling Museum. She has noted that since she won she is now getting more consultants into her studio. She received a commission at a Vegas hotel shortly after receiving the award, and an executive director of art at an institution who she had been trying to meet for years, suddenly reached out to her after learning about the CODAaward.

You can see a full list of the 2016 winners on our site here and check out their CODAworx profiles for their latest work.

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– Interview conducted by Molly Martin, Account Manager, NYFA Classifieds 

Images, from top: Grimanesa Amoros’ “Pink Lotus”; Guto Requena, “Light Creature-Interactive Facade”; "The Color Inside“ by Landmarks Public Art Agency and artist James Turrell.

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