Spotlight: NYFA’s Strong Presence at Armory Arts Week

Spotlight: NYFA’s Strong Presence at Armory Arts Week

Sixty-six NYFA Artists will show their work in this year’s art fairs across New York City.

Every March, New York plays host to the prominent, large-scale art fairs and group exhibitions clustered collectively under the umbrella term Armory Arts Week: shows include Volta NY, The Whitney Biennial, and The Armory Show

This year, NYFA is proud to announce that 66 NYFA Artists’ Fellows and Artspire artists will be participating in art fairs city-wide. NYFA is heavily represented during the Armory Art Week and the Whitney Biennial this year, with 40 affiliated artists at the Armory Show and 14 at the Biennial. Make sure to check out your favorite NYFA artists while you can: The Armory Art Week runs from March 6–9, and the Biennial from March 7–May 25. In addition, NYFA external-affairs and online-resources staff will be attending the shows to provide outreach and serve as organizational liaisons.  

NYFA Artists On View

Art Dealers Association of America

Petah Coyne (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1988)

The Armory Show

Ross Bleckner (Fellowship, Painting, 1985)

Mel Bochner (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1995)

Elinor Carucci (Fellowship, Photography, 2010)

James Casebere (Fellowship, Photography, 1985 & 1994; Fellowship, Sculpture, 1989)

Paul Chan (Fellowship, Video, 2004)

Theresa Chong  (Fellowship, Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts, 2003)

Dawn Clements (Fellowship, Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts, 2005)

Diana Cooper (Fellowship, Painting, 2000)

E.V. Day (Fellowship, Sculpture, 2007)

Elena del Rivero (Fellowship, Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts, 2001)

Jimmie  Durham (Fellowship, Poetry, 1985; Fellowship, Sculpture, 1991)

Michael Eastman (Fellowship, Painting, 1996)

James Esber (Fellowship, Painting, 2002 & 2008)

Phil Frost (Fellowship, Painting, 2002)

Joanne Greenbaum (Fellowship, Painting, 1996)

Josephine Halvorson (Fellowship, Painting, 2010)

Ellen Harvey (Fellowship, Painting, 2002)

Ridley Howard (Fellowship, Painting, 2012)

Bill Jacobson (Fellowship, Photography, 1994)

Yvonne Jacquette (Fellowship, Painting, 1985)

Yun-Fei Ji (Fellowship, Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts, 1999)

Kim Jones (Fellowship, Performance Art/Multidisciplinary Work, 1993)

Sherrie Levine (Fellowship, Painting, 1987)

Andrew Moore (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1993)

Shirin Neshat (Fellowship, Photography, 1996)

John O’Connor (Fellowship, Painting, 2008)

Tony Oursler (Fellowship, Video, 1985)

Daniel Rich (Fellowship, Painting, 2012)

Ward Shelley (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1997; Fellowship, Performance Art/Multidisciplinary Work, 2001)

Alyson Shotz (Fellowship, Painting, 2004)

Amy Sillman (Fellowship, Painting, 1986)

Keith Sonnier (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1985)

Betty Tompkins (Fellowship, Painting, 1988)

Penelope Umbrico (Fellowship, Photography, 2002 & 2010)

Leslie Wayne (Fellowship, Painting, 2006)

Shen Wei (Fellowship, Choreography, 2000)

James Welling   (Fellowship, Photography, 1986)

Michael Wetzel (Fellowship, Painting, 2004)

Martha Wilson  (Fellowship, Performance Art/Multidisciplinary Work, 2001)

David Wojnarowicz (Fellowship, Video, 1990)

Moving Image Fair

Patty Chang (Fellowship, Performance Art/Multidisciplinary Work, 1999; Fellowship, Interdisciplinary Work, 2012)

Oded Hirsh (Fellowship, Film, 2012)

Tessa Hughes-Freeland (Fellowship, Film, 2001)

Leslie Thornton (Fellowship, Film, 1988 & 1999)

Spring/Break Art Show

Bradley Eros (Fellowship, Performance Art/Multidisciplinary Work, 1989; Fellowship, Film, 2007)

Simon Lee (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1999 & 2005)

Rachel Mason (Fiscally Sponsored Artist, 2012)

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy (Fellowship, Computer Arts, 1999)

Walter Robinson (Fellowship, Painting, 1992)

Even Sussman (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1999; Fellowship, Video, 2008)

Volta Art Fair

Irit Batsry (Fellowship, Video, 2002)

Seth Michael Forman (Fellowship, Painting, 2004 & 2008)

Josh Dorman (Fellowship, Printmaking/Drawing/Book Arts, 2009)

Whitney Biennial

Terry Adkins (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1995)

Ei Arakawa (Fellowship, Interdisciplinary Work, 2009)

Robert Ashley (Fellowship, Music Composition, 1991)

Gretchen Bender (Fiscally Sponsored Artist, Performance Art/Multidisciplinary Work, 1998)

Dawoud Bey (Fellowship, Photography, 1986 & 1990)

Matthew Deleget (Fiscally Sponsored Artist, 2006)

Jimmie Durham (Fellowship, Poetry, 1985; Fellowship, Sculpture, 1991)

Louise Fishman (Fellowship, Painting, 1986)

David Hammons (Fellowship, Sculpture, 1987)

Miguel Gutierrez (Fellowship, Choreography, 2004 & 2008)

Sherrie Levine (Fellowship, Painting, 1987)

Dona Nelson (Fellowship, Painting, 1991)

Pauline Oliveros (Fellowship, Music Composition, 1989)

Amy Sillman (Fellowship, Painting, 1986)

Image at top: courtesy The Armory Show 
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