Spotlight on a NYFA Doctor: Erik Hougen

Spotlight on a NYFA Doctor: Erik Hougen

Developing who your work connects with is both a challenge and an opportunity

NYFA is pleased to introduce one of our newest consultants, Erik Hougen, who will be joining us for the next Doctor’s Hours for Visual Artists on Monday, March 23, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Erik is an artist, educator, and printer. Currently, he serves as Artistic Director/Master Printer at the Lower East Side Printshop in New York City where he brings a wide range of technical expertise to his collaborations with artists.

On challenges and opportunities that artists encounter, Erik said: 

an artist, developing who your work connects with, and what kind of context it
fits into is both a challenge and an opportunity. It isn’t always up to the
artist to control the context for how and why your work is shown and often
depends on how curators and galleries choose to present the work. Qualities of
the work such as: materials, subject matter, art historical references, and how
you connect with other artists, your audience, or part of the art market, all
play a role.”

To schedule an appointment with Erik, register for the March 23 Doctor’s Hours for Visual Artists. Registration is now open.

Questions: Email [email protected]

Image: Erik Hougen, Twenty Miles in Eight Hours, 2:16:16 Silkscreen on Paper, 2015
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