To achieve and sustain affordable housing and workspaces in New York City, citywide collaboration is absolutely necessary

Stay in New York: The Affordable Workspace Conference for visual artists was organized by Art F City and launched in partnership with the Queens Museum. The conference focused on how artists can create better neighborhoods, find affordable workspace, and even purchase real estate. Artists also discussed the increase of gentrification and displacement in communities. Speakers shared inspiration, unique approaches to community organizing, and day-to-day resources with the audience. NYFA’s Glory Edim attended the conference and below, we break down key resources from the session.

ArtBuilt Mobile Studios

This future-forward concept provides artists with greater opportunity to create their very own space. These small, affordable mobile workspaces are designed to help artist work in new, innovate ways.


ArtCondo educates and empowers artists to collectively purchase commercial buildings together, enabling them to stay in gentrified neighborhoods they are currently being priced out of. ArtCondo’s mission is to facilitate artists’ purchase and development of large commercial work spaces, LOFTS and mixed-income housing at uniquely affordable prices, strengthening NYC’s arts communities and neighborhoods.

NYFA’s Space Directory

NYFA’s Space Directory includes studios, galleries, workshops, offices, rehearsal space, and performance venues, available for use in the short or long-term.

Listings Project

Listings Project is a free weekly email of real estate and opportunity listings for artists, creative communities and beyond.

Triangle Arts Association Residency Program

Triangle Arts Association runs two main programs: the biennial Triangle Artists’ Workshop and the year-round Triangle Residency. Both programs pair international artists with their New York colleagues, creating a lively environment for exchange and creative experimentation.


Spaceworks provides artists with rehearsal and studio space that they need to make their practice possible. They believe this strengthens the cultural landscape of the city, making it a more affordable place for artists to work and live. The organization actively develops spaces for artists in Brooklyn, Queens and on Governors Island.


Artspace is the leading developer of arts facilities – creating, owning, and operating affordable spaces for artists and small businesses.

NYFA Source

NYFA Source is the nation’s most extensive database of awards, services and publications for artists of all disciplines including dance, performance, interdisciplinary, visual, music, literature and theater. Use NYFA Source to discover workspace resources, like equipment grants, artist residences and space awards. 

On the homepage, there are 8 categories you can use to begin a search or narrow down an existing one. Start with either AWARDS or SERVICES and use the other search tabs to further define your criteria. 

For example, select AWARDS: Artist Communities/Artist-in-Residence Programs > DISCIPLINE: Visual Arts.

Types of Awards in NYFA Source:

Artist Communities/Artist-in-Residence Programs. The primary purpose of the programs in this category is to enable artists to live and work at an institution or place where they normally do not live or work. Programs listed as residency awards in NYFA Source also include at least one of the following: fellowship with other artists; time, space or specialized equipment to engage in their craft; and, in some cases, a stipend toward living expenses or materials.

Space Awards (Live and/or Work). Programs in this category provide the artist with free or subsidized live and work space with few, if any, other service components included.

Equipment Access Awards. Programs in this category award access to equipment or raw materials used in the production of art with few, if any, other service components included. Examples include the award of access to editing equipment to a filmmaker or the award or free loan of an instrument to a musician.

NYFA Source Search Tips:

  • Start a search with no more than two to three search criteria selected.
  • Narrow your search by selecting the refine search tab at the top of the results page. This allows you to modify the originally selected criteria, without having to start a new search.
  • When running multiple searches, select the reset all button between each search query. Reset all clears the selected categories and search criteria from the previous search. If this is not done, the selected categories and search criteria from the previous search will be added on to the new search and will distort the records of programs returned.
  • When running a search, using the DISCIPLINE category, you must select a sub-discipline and run two different variations of the query to ensure that you see all of the opportunities available.

Should you have any questions about using Source, email [email protected] or call (800) 232-2789 (3pm – 5pm EST Monday-Friday).


Homebuying Information 

To achieve and sustain affordable housing and workspaces in New York City, citywide collaboration is vital. Stay in New York: The Affordable Workspace Conference was a useful step to uniting artists and building community.

Image:  Liz Ligon Photography

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