The Gift of Time: Alan Berliner and His Process – Part III

The Gift of Time: Alan Berliner and His Process – Part III

Part III: Architect’s Handwriting

Three-time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellow Alan Berliner (Film ’85, ‘91, ‘99) is a filmmaker and media artist. Following his recent film, First Cousin Once Removed (2012), Berliner is currently working on a new project about photojournalism. After devotedly cutting out articles and photographs from The New York Times for the past 35 years—accumulating a vast archive of information and imagery—it’s time for him to finally figure out why…

NYFA fiscally sponsored artist Benita Raphan has conducted a series of interviews with Berliner to explore his creative process in the 5-part podcast series The Gift of Time: Alan Berliner and his Process.

Listen to Part III: Architect’s Handwriting.

Berliner’s films Intimate Stranger (1991) and Nobody’s Business (1996) will be screened at the New York Jewish Film Festival at Lincoln Center on January 24 at 3:00 PM. Emerging and active filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike will find his Master Class of interest too on January 24 at 6:00 PM.

Listen to Part I: Acting at the Speed of Thought.

Listen to Part II: Cutting Photographs Out of the Newspaper.

Listen to Part IV: 16mm Motion Picture Film.

Listen to Part V: Indelible Memories.

– Mara Vlatkovic, Digital Communications Officer

Image credit: Alan Berliner in his studio, photo credit: Benita Raphan

Podcast credit: Sound Design / Mix Ted Gannon, Executive Producer for SuperExploder Meredith Nazzaro, Mixed at SuperExploder, Announcer Juan Aceves Navarro, Audio Recorded at Sound Lounge

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