Workshop: The Artist as Technician on February 25

Workshop: The Artist as Technician on February 25

Electronic Arts: What’s the latest and greatest?

On Thursday, February 25 join us at NYFA HQ for The Artist as Technician presented by Carol Parkinson, Executive Director of Harvestworks. This discussion will be of interest to those currently working in electronic arts and for artists in all disciplines interested in new ways of expressing themselves.

Date: Thursday, February 25, 2016 
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Location: NYFA, 20 Jay Street, Suite 740, Brooklyn, New York, 11201
Cost: $10 NYFA-affiliated Artists (Fiscal Sponsorship, Fellows, Bootcamp, Immigrant Artists, Mark); $15 Others

* Registration in advance is required at

With electronic arts practiced not only by those who have fully devoted themselves to the medium, but also by artists from disciplines as varied as music, sculpting, painting and performance, electronic technologies have become frequently used brushes in an artist’s paint box. As Executive Director of Harvestworks, a facility that provides access to electronic technology and teaches artists of all kinds how to use it, Carol Parkinson has watched electronic arts evolve and hybrid art forms incorporating cutting edge technology appear. At this event she will discuss recent developments in electronic art and artists.

About Harvestworks
Harvestworks’ presents experimental art in collaboration with their Technology, Engineering, Art and Music (TEAM) Lab. Since 1977 they have been supporting the creation of work that explores new and evolving technologies. In line with the historical E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology) they provide an environment for experimentation with technicians, instructors and innovative practitioners in the electronic arts. Former Harvestworks’ residents, who have also used remixing in their art process, include established artists, such as Christian Marclay, Luke Dubois and Cory Arcangel.

About Carol Parkinson
Carol Parkinson is the Executive Director of Harvestworks, a digital media arts center located in New York City.  Her focus is in the development of experimental artworks that explore sound, data and other emerging technologies. She is the producer of the New York Electronic Art Festival, a series of workshops, concert performances and exhibitions centered on emerging technologies and art. Since 2007, the festival has been presented every other year in New York City.   She is a founding member of TELLUS, the Audio Cassette Magazine, a cassette –based magazine of experimental music and sound art published between 1982 – 1996.

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Image credit: Alexandra Pacula (NYFA Painting Fellow, 2010), Startling Impact, 2010, Oil on canvas

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