Your Insights Needed: Take NYC’s Cultural Worker Survey

Your Insights Needed: Take NYC’s Cultural Worker Survey

NYC’s Department of Cultural Affairs seeks input for first-ever cultural plan from arts practitioners and cultural workers.

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs is developing CreateNYC, the city’s first-ever cultural plan, and has created an artist and cultural worker survey to better understand the needs of the city’s cultural field. The plan will incorporate intensive public feedback, provide an in-depth evaluation of the city’s cultural assets, and create a roadmap for supporting the city’s entire cultural community. 

For the purpose of the survey, the term “arts and cultural field” is inclusive of artists and arts and cultural workers employed within New York City’s non-profit, governmental, and for-profit sectors. If you fall within these parameters, please fill out the survey to help the Department of Cultural Affairs better understand what culture means to you, how you experience culture in your daily life, and what your desires and priorities are for the future. Please also consider sharing with other artists and cultural workers you know so that they can help inform recommendations for the CreateNYC plan.

The goal of the plan is to serve as a long-term framework for promoting greater equity, access, diversity, and vibrancy, and will expand opportunities for residents to access and participate in the city’s rich cultural life. Learn more about how you can show up, speak up, and step up for arts and culture in New York City. The initial plan will be released in summer 2017.

Image: David Benjamin (Fellow in Architecture/Environmental Structures/Design ‘13)

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