Announcing | 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Oakland Participants

Announcing | 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Oakland Participants

Meet the mentees and mentors who are participating in this year’s program!

Through the support of Ford Foundation, The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is pleased to announce the participants in the 2019 NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Oakland, presented in collaboration with local partners World Arts West, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Oakland Public Library, Aggregate Space Gallery, and Bisemi Foundation, Inc.

The program combines two of NYFA’s professional development programs, the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, through which NYFA provides access to artist mentors and arts professionals via panels and workshops, and the Artist As Entrepreneur Boot Camp Program, which provides artists with the fundamental principles of sustainability in the arts.

2019 Participants and Disciplines:

Mentee Asya Abdrahman, Multidisciplinary (Ethiopia), paired with Mentor Kristian Kabuay, Multidisciplinary/Folk & Traditional (Philippines)

Mentee Katherine Agard, Interdisciplinary (Trinidad and Tobago/Ghana), paired with Mentor Jason Wyman, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Etty D Alberto-Zamora, Visual (Honduras/Belize), paired with Mentor Kelly Ording, Visual (United States)

Mentee Byb Chanel Bibene, Multidisciplinary (Republic of Congo), paired with Mentor Melanie Wofford, Arts Administration/Performing (United States)

Mentee Kristiana Li-Yen Chan, Visual (Canada/Malaysia), paired with Mentor Alice Wu, Visual/Multidisciplinary (United States/Taiwan)

Mentee Daniel Chein, Film/New Media (Taiwan), paired with Mentor Kwesi D. Wilkerson, Performing/Literary (United States)

Mentee Paola de la Calle, Visual (Colombia), paired with Mentor PJ Policarpio, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Alisson Göthz, Visual (Brazil), paired with Mentor Jason Wyman, Visual (United States)

Mentee Patricia Leal, Interdisciplinary (Brazil), paired with Mentor Beth Waldman, Visual (United States)

Mentee Izidora Leber Lethe, Interdisciplinary (Croatia), paired with Mentor Brian Conley, Visual (United States)

Mentee Andreina Esther Maldonado Sosa, Performing (Venezuela), paired with Mentor Aimee Suzara, Performing/Literary (Philippines/United States)

Mentee Anthonia Onyejekwe, Film/Video/New Media (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Tossie Long, Performing/ Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Ginika Oruche, Film/Video/New Media (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Destiny Muhammad, Performing (United States)

Mentee Reaa Puri, Film/New Media (India), paired with Mentor Shalini Agrawal, Visual/Multidisciplinary (India)

Mentee Lydia Queriani, Multidisciplinary (Philippines), paired with Mentor Ely Sonny Orquiza, Multidisciplinary/Film/Video/New Media (Philippines)

Mentee Keyvan Shovir, Multidisciplinary (Iran), paired with Mentor Megan Wilson, Interdisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Anita Sulimanovic, Visual (Croatia), paired with Mentor Taro Hattori, Visual/Film/Video/New Media (Japan)

Mentee Rupy C. Tut, Folk & Traditional Arts (India), paired with Mentor Karen Fiss, Visual/Folk & Traditional (United States)

Mentee Dor Wand, Film/Video/New Media (Israel), paired with Mentor Lyz Luke, Performing (United States)

Mentee Juniper Yun, Multidisciplinary (South Korea) paired with Mentor Mayumi Hamanaka, Visual/Multidisciplinary/Curatorial (Japan)

This program is made possible with the generous support of the Ford Foundation.

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Image: 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Oakland, Photo Credit: Gisela Insuaste for NYFA

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