Announcing | 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Newark Participants

Announcing | 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Newark Participants

Meet the mentees and mentors!

Through the support of Ford Foundation, The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is pleased to announce the participants in the 2018-19 NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Newark presented in collaboration with local partners Newark Arts, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Project for Empty Space, Paul Robeson Galleries, and Index Art Center.

The program combines two of NYFA’s professional development programs: the Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, in which NYFA provides access to artist mentors and arts professionals via panels and workshops, and the Artist As Entrepreneur Boot Camp Program, which provides artists with the fundamental principles of sustainability in the arts.

2019 Participants and Disciplines:

Mentee Bushra AL Fusail, Visual (Yemen), paired with Mentor Colleen Gutwein O’Neal, Visual (United States)

Mentee Mic Boekelmann, Visual (Philippines), paired with Mentor Katrina Bello, Visual (Philippines)

Mentee Diana Candelejo, Visual (Ecuador), paired with Mentor Matt Gosser, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Shiza Chaudhary, Visual (Pakistan), paired with Mentor Yvette Molina, Visual (United States)

Mentee Ron Dai, Interdisciplinary (China), paired with Mentor Fayemi Shakur, Multidisciplinary/Literary (United States)

Mentee Kimmah Dennis, Visual (Ghana), paired with Mentor Ceaphas Stubbs, Visual (United States)

Mentee Gisel Endara, Interdisciplinary (Ecuador), paired with Mentor Paula Neves, Visual (United States)

Mentee Bouchra Hachem, Multidisciplinary (Lebanon), paired with Mentor Shauna Kanter, Performing (United States)

Mentee Coney Ishida, Visual (Japan), paired with Mentor Malik Whitaker, Visual (United States)

Mentee Mariejon de Jong-Buijs, Multidisciplinary (Netherlands), paired with Mentor Jen Mazza, Visual (United States)

Mentee Jin Jung, Interdisciplinary (South Korea), paired with Mentor Anne Trauben, Visual (United States)

Mentee Alverson Layne, Interdisciplinary (Guyana), paired with Mentor Sally Helmi, Visual (Egypt/United States)

Mentee Ole Lie Vandal, Multidisciplinary (Dominican Republic), paired with Mentor Alfonse Pagano, Visual (United States)

Mentee Mani Martinez, Multidisciplinary (Mexico), paired with Mentor Ananda Lima, Literary/Visual (Brazil)

Mentee Olufunke Ogundimu, Literary (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Fayemi Shakur, Multidisciplinary/Literary (United States)

Mentee Adishetu Oyibo, Multidisciplinary (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Sarah Walko, Visual (United States)

Mentee Franc Pena, Interdisciplinary (Honduras/Ecuador/USA), paired with Mentor Jo-El Lopez, Visual (Puerto Rico)

Mentee Eka Pramuditha, Interdisciplinary (Malaysia), paired with Mentor Kati Vilim, Visual (Hungary)

Mentee Agnieszka Wszolkowska, Visual (Poland), paired with Mentor Daniela Puliti, Visual (United States)

This program is made possible with the generous support of the Ford Foundation.

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Image: 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Newark, Photo Credit: NYFA

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