Announcing | Meet Our 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Performing & Literary Participants

Announcing | Meet Our 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Performing & Literary Participants

The newest cohort of our Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program brings together artists from Nigeria, Mexico, Iran, Germany, and more.

Through the support of The Vilcek Foundation, New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is pleased to announce the participants in its 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Performing & Literary Arts. The program is presented in collaboration with New York Cultural Partners Center for Traditional Music and Dance, Dance/NYC, Exploring the Metropolis, Flushing Town Hall, Gibney, Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Joe’s Pub, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Poetry Society of America, and Word Up.

2019 Participants and Disciplines:

Mentee Odera Adimorah, Performing (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Darian Dauchan, Multidisciplinary (United States).

Mentee Quetzal Arias, Performing (Mexico), paired with Mentor Mary Baird, Performing (United States).

Mentee Raha Behnam, Performing (Iran), paired with Mentor Dave Hall, Performing (United States).

Mentee Michal Birnbaum, Interdisciplinary (Israel), paired with Mentor Ivan Talijancic, Interdisciplinary (Croatia).

Mentee Eva Ding, Performing/Multidisciplinary (China/New Zealand), paired with Mentor Volker Goetze, Performing (Germany).

Mentee Lisa Hoppe, Performing (Germany), paired with Mentor Eunbi Kim, Performing (United States/South Korea).

Mentee Ruth Kessler, Literary (Poland/Israel), paired with Mentor Bonnie Harris, Literary (United States).

Mentee Kate Lee, Performing (Australia), paired with Mentor Shauna Kanter, Performing (United States).

Mentee Alisha Mascarenhas, Literary (Canada), paired with Mentor Pelenakeke Brown, Performing/Interdisciplinary (United States/New Zealand).

Mentee Holly Mitchell, Performing (Canada), paired with Mentor Justina Grayman, Performing (United States).

Mentee Syma Mohammed, Literary (Scotland/Pakistan/India), paired with Mentor Marija Sajkas, Literary (Serbia).

Mentee Nicolas Norena, Performing (Colombia), paired with Mentor Jonathan Cerullo, Performing (United States).

Mentee Stav Palti Negev, Literary (Israel), paired with Mentor Yilong Liu, Literary (China).

Mentee Althea Rao, Interdisciplinary (China), paired with Mentor Palika Makam, Interdisciplinary (United States).

Mentee Luana Sandoval, Performing (Germany), paired with Mentor Abha Roy, Performing (India).

Mentee Chaitanya Tamayo, Performing (Philippines), paired with Mentor Candida Borges, Performing (Brazil).

Mentee Natasha Tiniacos, Literary (Venezuela), paired with Mentor Zelene Suchilt, Interdisciplinary (Mexico).

Mentee Michelle Palmieri, Performing (Guatemala), paired with Mentor Ray Leslee, Performing (United States).

Mentee Tanika Williams, Interdisciplinary (Jamaica), paired with Mentor Darine Hotait, Interdisciplinary (Lebanon). 

This program is made possible with the generous support of the The Vilcek Foundation.

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Image: 2019 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Performing & Literary, Image Credit: NYFA Learning

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