I have been awarded a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship in Playwriting/Screenwriting in the past. Can I apply for the The Ryan Hudak LGBTQ+ Dramatic Writing Award?

Yes. All previous applicants and recipients of NYFA awards, except for previous recipients of the Ryan Hudak LGBTQ+ Award, are eligible to apply for this award.

I live and work in New York City. Can I apply for this Award?

Yes. This award is open to New York State playwrights and screenwriters, including those who live within the five boroughs of New York City.

I do not have a specific project in mind. Can I still apply?

Yes. The Award is not a project grant which means that if awarded, funds do not need to be used on a specific project. Applicants should be applying with completed works.


Where do I find the application for the The Ryan Hudak LGBTQ+ Dramatic Writing Award?

Applications for the Award can be found here: apply.nyfa.org/submit. All applications need to be submitted online via the Submittable portal.

How do I use Submittable to submit my application?

Step-by-step guidance for using the Submittable platform and setting up a free account is available here.

Can I save my application as a draft before submitting?

Yes. To save your application as a draft, scroll to the bottom of your working application and select “Save Draft.” Sign in to your submittable account to view your draft applications. You can also sign in via the direct link to saved drafts here.

How do I preview my submitted application?

To preview your submitted application, please sign in to your Submittable here

Note: Submitted applications should only be previewed using the link above. You may not be able to preview your submitted application by signing in through the same portal link you used to apply.

I’ve submitted my application for this year. Can I use my Submittable account to apply for applications in future award cycles?

Yes. Once you have created a Submittable account, you can continue to use this login information to apply for future award cycles, and so much more! Submittable hosts a variety of applications for awards, exhibitions, and opportunities. You can now use your account to apply to any of the applications available on Submittable. Your account is not strictly tied to the Ryan Hudak LGBTQ+ Dramatic Writing Award application.

Can I submit my application after the deadline?

All applications must be submitted by the deadline. Please note that the application form will automatically close at the deadline time of 5:00 PM ET, regardless of whether you still have a draft application open on your browser. We strongly encourage you to submit your application at least 24-48 hours before the deadline date to allow time to address any technical issues. NYFA cannot extend the deadline regardless of the cause of the problem you may have encountered.

Why are you collecting demographic data from applicants and who has access?

By completing this information you are helping NYFA secure future funding, collect general information about our audience, and properly assess our effectiveness in serving the creative community. Your responses will remain confidential and will only be reviewed by NYFA staff members. Any personally identifying data will be removed prior to sharing the demographic data with third parties. 

NYFA is committed to supporting individuals from all backgrounds and disciplines and will continue to work towards values of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility across all programs. Read NYFA’s DEIA statement on our website

I am running into technical issues either accessing Submittable or attempting to complete my application on Submittable. What should I do?

We highly suggest using a laptop or desktop computer to complete your application on the platform. For a smoother performance, we recommend using either Firefox or Chrome as your browser. If you’re already using Chrome, please clear the browser cache and cookies. Additionally, please make sure you are using the most up to date version of your browser.

If you are still running into technical issues, you can reach out to Submittable’s Support team directly via the contact form, Submitter Support, or via the support email address [email protected] so that they can troubleshoot directly. 

NYFA staff do not have access to your Submittable account.


When will I be notified about the outcome of my application?

All applicants will receive notification on the outcome of their application in Fall 2024. Please do not email us regarding the status of your application.

How will applications be selected for funding?

Applications are first reviewed for eligibility, and then all eligible applications are reviewed by panelists through elimination rounds, producing a smaller pool for each round. An artist’s advancement is a product of the collective vote of the panel. A single panelist cannot ensure an applicant’s success or failure. Panelists will use the Evaluation Criteria listed on the Application Guidelines to review and score each application.

Can I donate to this initiative?

Funding for this award is generously provided by Ryan’s parents, Pat and Tom Hudak; individual donors; and the philanthropic community. Those interested in contributing funds to this annual award may donate here.