Happening at NYFA

Image: A.K. Burns (Fellow in Interdisciplinary Works ’18), Video still from ‘A Smeary Spot’, 2015, HD video installation. In this video still we see a large pinkish land mass in the foreground, without vegetation. In the distance are other large desert rock formations and a body of water at the base of the foregrounded land mass. On the top of the foregrounded mass is a performer seen from a distance, waving a large piece of silver reflective material in the air. Presumably they are mid dance.

Monday Motivation | Solve the Employer’s Problems

Kick off your week with Monday Motivation! Tip of the week In your cover letter, be sure to focus on the employer’s needs and how you can address their concerns and pain points. Bring creative ideas to the table to help solve their potential problems. This week’s highlighted jobs: Gallery and Design DirectorBoston Art Inc.Boston,…

Two women stand in an abandoned industrial warehouse, connected by a chord of fabric. Their image is reflected in a puddle in front of them.

Monday Motivation | Take Advantage of LinkedIn Endorsements

Kick off your week with Monday Motivation! Tip of the week LinkedIn endorsements might not be enough to replace letters of recommendation, but they can be helpful in letting recruiters know your work is known and trusted by your peers. If you’re looking for a job that requires certain skills, don’t be afraid to ask…

A red painting with white pearl circles interconnected to each other forming 3 loop shapes vertically and 4 loop shapes horizontally.

Monday Motivation | Organize Your Applications

Kick off your week with Monday Motivation! Tip of the week Develop a job search spreadsheet with information like the job title, date of the posting, name of contact, employer’s website, and date you applied. You should also add a separate tab for interviews and follow-ups. When companies ask if you’ve applied to any positions…