Gear Up for Grant Opportunities with an Out of Cycle Review

Gear Up for Grant Opportunities with an Out of Cycle Review

Upcoming Grants and NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship

Calling musicians, puppeteers, and performers of all shapes and sizes! Sculptors, media makers and multi-disciplinary artists, mark your calendars! USArtists is funding performing artists traveling abroad, and in New York City, grants from the Brooklyn Arts Council and Lower Manhattan Cultural Center are helping artists work in their communities. As September grant applications are quickly approaching, it is time to gather your materials and determine if sponsorship is needed to help you reach your fall goals.

Apply for an Out of Cycle Review!

In addition to our usual quarterly application cycle, NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship conveniently offers Out of Cycle reviews to help artists meet grant deadlines that require sponsorship. Our turnaround time is approximately two weeks after receiving all application materials. There is a $175 administrative fee for Out of Cycle applications. Please email us at [email protected] for more details. You need to be accepted into fiscal sponsorship before you apply to the grant, so planning for the required turnaround time is essential.  Check out the list below with upcoming grant opportunities for September & October 2016.

Why NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal Sponsorship will help you expand fundraising capabilities and build networks for your projects and organizations. By assisting in grant submissions, reporting requirements, acknowledging donors, and offering free consultations and review of grant applications, NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship helps artists practice their creativity. Our team is incredibly proud to support the hard work of our nearly 700 projects in their fundraising processes.

Participation in NYFA’s fiscal sponsorship program also gives projects access to our organization’s wide range of artist services and resources, exclusive workshops for fiscally sponsored artists, and connections to a dynamic network of other artists and organizations.


Upcoming Grant Opportunities: September & October 2016

As our list includes a wide variety of funding opportunities, be sure to carefully read and follow each grant’s guidelines and deadlines. Attending an information session whenever possible is a great way to gain insight from the funder and ask questions to improve your application.  

Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation
Due: September 7
Webinar Info Session:

USArtists International
Who: Ensembles and individuals, must be be a 501©(3) organization or have a fiscal sponsor
Funds: Up to $15,000, performers in dance, music and theatre invited to present at significant international festivals.
More Info:

Brooklyn Arts Council
All Grants Due: Wednesday, September 21, 2016
Info Sessions:
Applicant Resources:

Brooklyn Arts Fund (BAF)
Who: Individual artists, 501©(3) organizations, fiscal sponsors are optional. Funds: up to $5000, all disciplines
More info:

Local Arts Support (LAS)
Who: 501©(3) organizations, individual artists must have fiscal sponsorship
Funds: $2,000 – $5,000, community arts projects
More info:

Destination > Brooklyn
Who: 501©(3) organizations  
Funds: Up to $1500 for marketing materials, for organizations whose primary mission is to provide arts and cultural activities open to the general public. More info:

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
All Grants Due: September 13, 2016, 5pm
Info Sessions:

Creative Engagement
Who: Non-profit organizations, individual artists and collectives, fiscal sponsorship optional
More info:

Creative Learning
Who: Non-profit organizations, individual artists and collectives, fiscal sponsorship optional
More info:

MAP Fund
Due: October 28, 2016
Who: 501©(3) organizations, individual artists with fiscal sponsor
Funds: $10,000 to $45,000, performing artists
More Info:

Bronx Council on the Arts
Due: Varies by grant, see below for details
Info Sessions:

Community Engagement Projects
Who: Individual artists
Funds: $2,500, projects in this category must be community based and open to the general public
More Info:
Due: Friday, October 14, 2016, 5 PM

Arts Fund
Who: Individual artists, 501©(3) organizations, fiscal sponsorship optional
Funds: $1,000 – $5,000, supports high-quality arts projects that engage Bronx audiences in a diverse array of artistic works in all disciplines, genres and styles.
More Info:
Due: October 28, 2016, 5 PM

Questions? Check out our FAQ page. Interested in fiscal sponsorship for a funding opportunity with a later deadline? Apply for our September 30 application cycle! Check out NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship’s Directory of Projects to see what our community is up to!

-Madeleine Cutrona, Program Assistant, Fiscal Sponsorship

Images, from top: Performance by Laura Shapiro, Photo Credit: Frances Alenikoff; Steve Brand, Praying with My Legs, Photo Credit: Lee Brand

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