Introducing | Participants in the 2017 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Visual and Multidisciplinary Arts

Introducing | Participants in the 2017 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Visual and Multidisciplinary Arts

Through the support of Deutsche Bank, NYFA is pleased to announce its newest Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program cohort.

The latest addition of NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program pairs immigrant artists working in the visual and multidisciplinary arts with artist mentors who provide one-on-one support for their artistic practice. 

During the program, mentors will guide their mentees to achieve specific goals, providing them with broader access to the New York cultural world through an exchange of ideas, resources, and experiences. Additionally, the mentoring program aims to foster a community, providing opportunities to connect with other immigrant artists through group meetings, peer learning, and information gatherings that include alumni from 2007 to the present. Through access to other artists, arts professionals, and organizations, the program offers immigrant artists the opportunity to focus on their creative practice and gain support and exposure to their work while upholding their distinctive identities.

2017 Participants:

Mentee Keren Anavy, Visual (Israel), paired with Mentor Jennifer Schmidt, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee David Anaya Maya, Visual (Colombia), paired with Mentor Sophia Chizuco, Multidisciplinary (Japan)

Mentee Diego Anaya, Visual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Fay Ku, Visual (Taiwan/United States)

Mentee Kate Bae, Visual (South Korea), paired with Mentor Denise Treizman, Multidisciplinary (Chile)

Mentee Vincent Bezuidenhout, Visual (South Africa), paired with Mentor Claudia Sohrens, Multidisciplinary (Germany)

Mentee Isabella Cruz-Chong, Multidisciplinary (Mexico), paired with Mentor Rosemarie Fiore, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Alice Gaskon, Visual (Poland), paired with Mentor Marek Milde, Interdisciplinary (Czech Republic)

Mentee Qin Han, Multidisciplinary (China), paired with Mentor Sophie Kahn, Multidisciplinary (Australia/United Kingdom)

Mentee Ssu-ya Hsiung, Multidisciplinary (Taiwan), paired with Mentor Valentina Medda, Multidisciplinary (Italy)

Mentee Tahir Carl Karmali, Visual (Kenya), paired with Mentor Helen Dennis, Visual (United Kingdom)

Mentee Laura Lappi, Visual (Finland), paired with Mentor Kristyna Milde, Interdisciplinary (Czech Republic)

Mentee Jemila MacEwan, Visual (Scotland/Australia), paired with Mentor Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Interdisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Dulphe Pinheiro Machado, Visual (Brazil), paired with Mentor Marco Antonio Castro, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Alexandra Leyre Mein, Visual (Belgium), paired with Mentor Gianluca Bianchino, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Gal Nissim, Multidisciplinary (Israel), paired with Mentor Eric Corriel, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Nazli Ozerdem, Visual (Turkey), paired with Mentor Armita Raafat, Multidisciplinary (Iran)

Mentee Giuliana Pinheiro, Visual (Brazil), paired with Mentor Eugene Marlow, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Christina Poblador, Visual (Philippines), paired with Mentor Dain Mergenthaler, Interdisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Monica Robles, Multidisciplinary (Puerto Rico), paired with Mentor Nooshin Rostami, Multidisciplinary (Iran)

Mentee Edwin Padilla Villa, Multidisciplinary (Colombia), paired with Mentor Larry Krone, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Kyung Eun You, Visual (South Korea), paired with Mentor Kakyoung Lee, Multidisciplinary (South Korea/United States)

This program is made possible with support from Deutsche Bank.

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Image: IAP Mentoring Program 2016 (Final Celebration), Photo Credit: NYFA

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