Let’s Talk Art Business: Join Us for June’s #ArtistHotline

Let’s Talk Art Business: Join Us for June’s #ArtistHotline

The third Wednesday of the month is almost here. On June 15, 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, ride our Twitter hashtag #ArtistHotline and join the conversation.

To continue our efforts of empowering artists, NYFA created an Artist Professional Development Day on Twitter where artists are welcome to join a productive conversation about the business of art. We know that making art, sometimes, can be a lonely process. Artists oftentimes work by themselves and might feel like they don’t have anyone to ask difficult questions. Plus, art and business don’t go together, right? Wrong!

This is why NYFA is here! The business of art can be as fun and fulfilling as the creative part of art making. Furthermore, mastering the tools to have a profitable business is what will allow you to be a profitable and empowered artist. If you don’t even know where to begin with this, join us on Twitter next Wednesday. To participate, send us your questions, experience, or feedback for other artists using the hashtag #ArtistHotline. Oh, and have we mentioned that this initiative is free?!

Click here to learn how to best take advantage of the day.

If you have never participated in an #ArtistHotline before, you can read our previous chats on Storify by clicking here.

Artists: If you don’t already have a Twitter account, create a free one now and include the hashtag #ArtistHotline in your related tweets and questions. Follow @nyfacurrent for updates.

Arts Organizations: If you’re interested in partnering with us for this initiative, learn more and sign up here.

Follow the hashtag #ArtistHotline and see you on June 15!

Inspired by the NYFA Source Hotline, #ArtistHotline is dedicated to creating an ongoing online conversation around the professional side of artistic practice. #ArtistHotline occurs on the third Wednesday of each month on Twitter. Our goal is to help artists discover the resources needed, online and off, to develop sustainable careers. This initiative is supported by the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation.

Image: Elisa Jensen (Fellow in Painting ‘15)

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