NYFA Coaching: for Artists, Arts Businesses, and Arts Organizations

NYFA Coaching: for Artists, Arts Businesses, and Arts Organizations

Applying for a new job? Fundraising for a new project
or business? Looking for feedback or recommendations for your funder research
or grant writing efforts?

In support of a more productive and active 2017
for artists and arts administrators, NYFA is launching a pilot program with
targeted coaching services from specialized NYFA staff.
All sessions are conducted with an emphasis on
personalized feedback, recommendations, and guidance.

Coaching sessions:

How it works:

  • NYFA Coaching
    sessions are fee-based and require no current enrollment in a NYFA program. They
    are open to anyone!
  • Session
    prices range from $40-$100. All sessions include a high level of dedicated
    staff time for reviewing your materials and offering direct feedback via email
    and phone.
  • Review the
    full descriptions of the current coaching services.
  • Reserve your
    session using our simple online platform
    . Make sure you provide all requested
    information so we can give you our best feedback and recommendations.
  • Be prepared
    for a thoughtful and productive conversation with your NYFA Coach about your
    materials and next steps.

Our goal for every
session is to give you feedback that is specific to your circumstances and
needs. Your NYFA coach will help you
strengthen your professional materials and will recommend specific “next steps”
for furthering your professional goals. These sessions are created with artists
and arts professionals in mind and based on NYFA staff’s own experience as art
industry leaders.  




  • Grant Application or Letter of Inquiry (LOI) Review: During this session, staff will review the
    provided grant application or LOI draft and provide feedback/recommendations on
    how to improve formatting, language choice, messaging, narrative structure, and
    the overall efficacy of the application or request letter. The client will be asked
    to provide a link to the grant guidelines or funder’s website for reference.
    This session includes the time needed for the coach to review provided
    materials. Feedback and recommendations will be recorded with digital notes on the
    draft document and will be discussed over the phone with the client.
  • Preliminary Funder Research: This session provides clients with a starting
    point for their own funding research efforts. NYFA will conduct preliminary
    research using various database resources at NYFA’s disposal, based on
    information provided by the client in the registration form. A preliminary
    Research Report will be drafted. The report includes possible funders of
    interest, opportunities, and recommendations for improving the client’s
    continued research. If necessary, the NYFA Coach will contact the client prior
    to starting research to clarify any project or activity questions. The session includes
    a scheduled phone call where the NYFA coach explains the research findings,
    issues, and recommended next steps.
  • Fundraising Strategy Building/Planning: During this session, staff will meet with the
    client to discuss and brainstorm effective fundraising strategy options that
    best fit the client and their project, business, or organization. This hour long
    coaching meeting includes review of any current fundraising materials, an
    analysis of the client and project’s fundraising strengths and weaknesses, and
    the development of an “attack plan” for next steps. Prior to this meeting, the
    client will provide the NYFA Coach with relevant project/organizational
    information, including information about the current status of fundraising
    efforts. Although this session will likely discuss funder research, direct
    assistance with initial research can only be offered through the appropriate
    NYFA Coaching session.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Review: This NYFA Coaching session includes a review of
    your cover letter and resume drafts, written feedback/recommendations, and a
    scheduled follow-up phone call with your NYFA Coach to discuss next steps.
    Clients will be required to provide their “best” draft cover letter and resume
    and a link to the posted job listing. The NYFA Coach will review the materials
    with the job listing and potential employer in mind. NYFA does not write
    materials for clients, and the implementation of all suggestions will be at the
    discretion of the client. NYFA Coaches cannot review application materials for
    job openings at NYFA.
  • Design Your Own Coaching Session: During this session, NYFA staff will provide
    recommendations and feedback in accordance with your own professional or
    project needs. This session can be whatever best fits you and your goals, such
    as: the review of promotional, professional, or fundraising materials; strategy
    building; action planning; resource building; mock interviews; presentation
    coaching; and more. Please note funding research can only be provided through
    the Preliminary Funder Research coaching session, as it requires additional
    time outside of a normal session meeting.

If you have any questions
about this pilot program, contact [email protected]. Reservations must be made through the online
. Fees for scheduling a coaching session are non-refundable, but every effort
to reschedule sessions will be made if notified of the cancellation at least 48
hours in advance of the appointment.


Images, from top: Noemie Lafrance  (Fellow in Choreography ‘13); Granger Moorhead and Robert Moorhead (Fellows in Architecture/Environmental Structures ‘10)

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