NYFA Coaching | Meet Anne Muntges

NYFA Coaching | Meet Anne Muntges

Three Questions with NYFA’s Newest Coach

NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship’s Anne Muntges is the newest addition to NYFA Coaching, a professional development service for artists, creatives, and arts administrators with individualized sessions with NYFA staff or industry professionals that can be conducted remotely via phone or Skype. Muntges brings over a decade of experience as a practicing artist with a successful exhibition, residency, and grant track record. As a Program Officer in NYFA’s Fiscal Sponsorship program, Muntges reviews grant applications, fundraising strategies, and portfolios. She also consults on nonprofit arts program building and management. 

Muntges will co-present the upcoming webinar Realistic Budgets for Artists: Breaking Down Project ideas for Fundraising Opportunities on May 19, offered through NYFA Learning. Learn more about Muntges below as she answers three questions about her life and work.

Over the next few weeks, NYFA will be adding new coaches to our roster, so be sure to check the NYFA Coaching page for details and to make appointments.  

1. What is your art practice?

I doodle. I make marks. I work in different mediums, but focus on graphite and pen. My work ebbs between traditional drawing, panel or paper, and immersive drawing installations. I translate the world around me through drawing. It is my key to understanding the places I live in. I draw to help others experience the same sense of wonder and awe I feel while observing those worlds.

2. What is your favorite approach to working on grant applications?

Sitting on my bed, headphones on, Godspeed You Black Emperor playing. Music has been such an important part of my learning to focus. Having headphones on helps me isolate from outside distractions and focus in on the writing. Godspeed and their heavy bass lines block outside sensorial input so beautifully and create the ideal space to put thoughts together.

The best thing anyone can do when taking on an application of any kind is to isolate themselves from anything that might take away from focus. Give yourself the luxury of fully embracing that space.

3. How do you balance your art practice with your job as an arts administrator?

The dreaded phrase “time management” is a huge part of it! I never in my life thought that having structure would be beneficial to making art work, but it turns out that having clear hours in the day for the different roles I play in my life has been invaluable. It has honed my focus, helped me stay on top of deadlines with good diligence, and helped me to appreciate my downtime all the more. It has also given me a deep appreciation for the time needed to do admin work within my own practice – something I never valued enough before!

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Image: Courtesy Anne Muntges

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