Demystifying NFTs

Demystifying NFTs was a two-part workshop series and award program where artists, performers, writers, and cultural workers learned how to create eco-responsible NFTs.


Demystifying NFTs was created in partnership with artist/technologist Laura Ó Reilly, who developed this program as part of her Technology Gap initiative in an effort to ground crypto back to earth. This initiative presented an accessible, environmentally conscious method to creating and stewarding NFTs through the generous support of Rockefeller Brothers Fund. 

This program was designed especially for those too often excluded from this space: mature artists across marginalized communities, as well as those who would not consider themselves “tech-savvy.”


For those who participated in the 2022 Demystifying NFT program, The Technology Gap has continued free access to workshop content. To log in to the e-learning platform, click here

Public access to the Demystifying NFTs workshop content will resume in Spring 2023.


Through the two-part workshop and award series, Demystifying NFTs:

  • Served over 2,600 learners through 72 hours of live instruction as well as a Learn at Your Own Pace platform
  • Awarded $30,000 to 30 artists
  • Exhibited the awardees’ new NFTs in a group Public Art exhibition in NYC and online in the metaverse

Of the program constituents:

  • 63% identified as being 45 years of age or older
  • 62% identified as women
  • 47% of awardees identified as LGBTQ
  • 40% of awardees identified as BIPOC


The two part workshop series was held free for qualifying artists and cultural workers. Over 2,600 participants enrolled live or elected to for the Learn at Your Own Pace option. In “Part One: NFT Fundamentals,” participants learned what NFTs are and how they can be utilized. In “Part Two: Learn How to Create NFTs,” participants practiced minting an eco-responsible NFT.

Upon successful completion of both workshops, NYC-based workshop attendees artists across all disciplines and mediums were able to apply for the Demystifying NFTs Award.


The Demystifying NFTs Award distributed $500 unrestricted cash awards to 30 NYC-based artists, covering minting fees and technical support to create and exhibit their original NFTs. 

The exhibit was on view in December 2022 in the Voxels metaverse at Technology Gap’s exhibition space BRIDGE++ and at ChaShaMa’s 266 W. 37 Street presentation space in Manhattan. Participating artists’ disciplines ranged from theater/performance, digital/electronic arts, music/sound, dance, visual arts, and interdisciplinary work.

To read more about the award process and selected artists’ projects, click here.


As an older artist working in digital media I felt initially alienated and disconnected from the NFT and crypto community. This workshop helped me see a more well-rounded picture of the communities and participants involved. I left with a more positive outlook on how I can integrate and benefit from this space in a way that still feels authentic to my practice.

-Bonita Oliver, Summer 2022 Workshop Participant

I loved the learn-as-you-go workshop and all the additional examples and resources that were provided. I started the workshop knowing only vague concepts of what NFTs are. Now, I have a solid understanding of digital wallets, blockchains, NFTs, and the metaverse.

-Catherine Lewis, Summer 2022 Workshop Participant


Laura Ó Reilly is an artist and technologist, focused on creating frameworks for regenerative communities and somatic art experiences. Technology Gap is an initiative that aims to make learning about technology accessible, by teaching through the lens of nature, and working with the nervous system.

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Image Detail: Vicki Da Silva, Chimney Corner 2, 2010