Announcing | Participants in the 2018-19 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Visual & Multidisciplinary Arts

Announcing | Participants in the 2018-19 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Visual & Multidisciplinary Arts

Meet this year’s participants!

Through the support of Deutsche Bank, The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) is pleased to announce the participants in the 2018-19 NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Visual and Multidisciplinary Arts.

NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program pairs immigrant artists working in a variety of disciplines with artist mentors who provide one-on-one support for their artistic practice, guiding their mentees to achieve specific goals and providing them with broader access to the New York cultural world through an exchange of ideas, resources, and experiences.

2018-19 Participants and Disciplines:

Mentee Bifoli 2, Visual (Taiwan), paired with Mentor Armita Raafat, Visual (Iran)

Mentee Ololade Adeniyi, Visual (Nigeria), paired with Mentor Alicia Grullón, Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Yael Ben-Simon, Visual (Israel), paired with Mentor Marco Scozzaro, Visual/Multidisciplinary (Italy)

Mentee Julia Brandão, Multidisciplinary (Brazil), paired with Mentor Rosemarie Fiore, Visual/Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Riaki Enyama, Visual (Japan), paired with Mentor Jennifer Schmidt Visual/Multidisciplinary (United States)

Mentee Ana Maria Farina, Visual (Brazil), paired with Mentor Sophia Chizuco, Visual (Japan)

Mentee Floor Grootenhuis, Visual (Kenya), paired with Mentor Sue Jeong Ka, Visual/Multidisciplinary (South Korea)

Mentee Sarah Zarina Hakani, Visual (India), paired with Mentor Golnar Adili, Visual (Iran)

Mentee Ziyu He, Multidisciplinary (China), paired with Mentor Sophie Kahn, Visual (United States).

Mentee Sizhu Li, Multidisciplinary (China), paired with Mentor Dain DeltaDawn, Visual (United States)

Mentee Orr Menirom, Visual (Israel), paired with Mentor Elise Rasmussen, Visual (Canada)

Mentee Maryam Mir, Multidisciplinary (Canada/Kashmir), paired with Mentor Kit Yi Wong, Multidisciplinary (Hong Kong/China)

Mentee Nazanin Noroozi, Visual (Iran), paired with Mentor Kakyoung Lee, Visual/Multidisciplinary (South Korea)

Mentee Robert O’Shea, Multidisciplinary (Ireland), paired with Mentor Larry Krone, Visual (United States)

Mentee Masahito Ono, Visual (Japan), paired with Mentor Helen Dennis, Visual (UK)

Mentee Ernesto Ortiz Leyva, Visual (Mexico), paired with Mentor Takuji Hamanaka, Visual (Japan)

Mentee Supermrin, Multidisciplinary (India), paired with Mentor Daniela Kostova, Multidisciplinary (Bulgaria)

Mentee Lyto Triantafyllidou, Visual (Greece), paired with Mentor Kuldeep Singh, Visual/Multidisciplinary (India)

Mentee Htet T San, Visual (Myanmar), paired with Mentor Zohar Kfir, Visual (Israel)

Mentee Hanae Utamura, Visual (Japan), paired with Mentor Nooshin Rostami, Visual (Iran)

Mentee Luisa Valderrama, Visual (Colombia), paired with Mentor Katya Grokhovsky, Multidisciplinary (Ukraine/Australia)

Mentee Chen Wang, Multidisciplinary (China), paired with Mentor Luiza Kurzyna, Visual/Multidisciplinary (Poland)

Mentee Tina Wang, Multidisciplinary (Taiwan), paired with Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Visual (Jamaica)

This program is made possible with the generous support of Deutsche Bank.

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Image: 2018-19 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program: Visual & Multidisciplinary Arts, Meet the Mentors, January 2019, Photo Credit: Htet San

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