Announcing | Sponsored Artists and Organizations Claim Nearly $150,000 in NYSCA Grants

Announcing | Sponsored Artists and Organizations Claim Nearly $150,000 in NYSCA Grants

Read on to learn more about the accomplishments of our grant recipients.

NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship is thrilled to congratulate 10 sponsored artists and organizations who were honored with New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) grants for fiscal year 2019! A total of $147,500 was awarded to these NYFA-affiliated artists, allowing them to complete their projects and showcase them throughout the state. We celebrate NYSCA for continuing to provide plentiful support to the arts we as cheer on the accomplishments of our grant recipients! Read on for more information on each project.

Christopher Williams: Marginalia: Daphnis & Chloé (Sponsored Project) 
Marginalia: Daphnis & Chloé merges contemporary dance and intricate visual design elements to create a large-scale choreography project inspired by ancient mythology, folklore, and medieval literature from many cultures. 

Darine Hotait: Like Salt (Sponsored Project)
Like Salt is a feature film exploring the weight of diaspora in the U.S. through the lives of an Arab-American female boxer and an African-American jazz musician. The film explores themes of racial identities, immigration, and profound dislocation.

The Luminal Theater (Sponsored Organization)
The Luminal Theater is a microcinema based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, and led by Curtis John. The NYSCA funds will support another year of events dedicated to displaying diverse film and media of the African diaspora to a community audience. 


Ben Altman: The More That Is Taken Away (Sponsored Project)
The More That Is Taken Away is an interdisciplinary project showcasing a solo meditation on genocide and the consequence of carrying such histories. The project uses a mass-grave-like excavation and various performances to present three acts over a seven-year period.  

Jennifer Karady: Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan: Dissonance (Sponsored Project)
Soldiers’ Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan: Dissonance is a video and sound installation which aims to reveal the disconnect between the public’s depiction of patriotism on the Fourth of July and the reality of soldiers who struggle to readjust to the civilian world. 

Nadja Marcin: Pocahontas Returns (Sponsored Project)
The feature film Pocahontas Returns is a character-driven feature film that explores the lost values of the contemporary world and simultaneous search of ancient wisdom, through an interracial love story which incorporates elements of telenovela and performance art.

Aaron Matthews: The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien (Sponsored Project)
The War and Peace of Tim O’Brien follows the renowned novelist and veteran as he looks at on his own wars and the nation’s in his latest and final novel.

Diana McClure: AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought (Sponsored Project) AZURE: A Journal of Literary Thought is an online and print anthology which publishes stories from emerging writers with diverse and unconventional literary topics. 


CaribBEING (Sponsored Organization)
CaribBEING is a multidisciplinary organization led by Shelley Worrell focused on bringing Caribbean art, film, and culture to the New York City area. NYSCA funds will support another year of public events dedicated to showcasing the diverse creativity of Caribbean artists at their mobile home, CaribBEING House, which is located in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Circumference (Sponsored Organization)
Circumference is a biannual journal of poetry-in-translation led by Elina Mishuris. The publication presents translations of both new and old poems, art, and in-depth writings on poetics from around the globe.

Are you an artist or a new organization interested in expanding your fundraising capacity through NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship? We accept out-of-cycle reviews year-round. No-fee applications are accepted on a quarterly basis, and our next deadline is March 31. Click here to learn more about the program and to apply.

Images: Image Courtesy of Christopher Williams, project director of Marginalia, from “Il Giardino d’Amore,” 2017, Photo Credit: Andrew Jordan; Image Courtesy of Ben Altman, project director of The More That is Taken Away, showing life-size portraits printed on fabric and placed in a pit, 2016; Image Courtesy of Shelley Worrell, project director of CaribBEING, showing images of CaribBEING House at Flatbush Caton Market, 2018

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