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The 2024 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship cycle is now closed.

Applicants will be notified in Summer 2024.

Video/Film Guidelines PDF


Application Opens: Tuesday, October 3, 2023 10:00AM ET
Application Closes: Wednesday December 13, 2023 at 5:00 PM ET*
Applicants Notified: Summer 2024

*Please note that the application form on Submittable will automatically close & stop accepting applications at this time. 

Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted and no exceptions will be made. We strongly recommend that applicants complete their applications in advance of the deadline to allow time for work samples to upload and to avoid potential technical problems. 

Applicants will receive an automatic response from Submittable once their application has been successfully received


This category accepts work in video or any work in which video or video techniques are pivotal, if not exclusive. This category also accepts work that has been initially shot with a film camera. Filmed material that has been transferred to the computer for editing and processing is acceptable. 

This category does not accept work that is created for commercial purposes or “for hire.”


Applicants may submit the following items:

Work Samples


  • 1 Video, up to 20 minutes in maximum length

Formats Accepted

  • Uploads: MOV, or MP4 & H.264 codec
  • Links: Preferably Youtube or Vimeo 
    • Please ensure that the link and password you share will remain accessible until July 2024
  • Recommended: No larger than 2 GB

Written Statements

  • Artist Statement (400-Words), Required 
  • Cultural Statement (250-Words), Optional

**Do not label your work samples with your name.**


Work samples are a representation of your artistic work created within the last five years (recommended). This is the most important part of your application, as it will be the primary point of review.

Keep in mind the panel reviews a large volume of material in quick succession; therefore, it is very important that you present your work clearly.

This is not a project grant; therefore you should be submitting work that is completed in part.

TIP: Panelists generally view more recent work (work created within the last five years) more favorably. However, you are also encouraged to submit work that falls outside the recommended five-year timeline.


What to Submit
  • Applicants have the option to submit videos in the following formats:
    • Video upload directly to the application platform
    • Video link (preferably Vimeo or Youtube)
  • Submitting a video sample consisting of multiple clips from different projects is not allowed, such as“demo Reels” or highlight reels.
  • Titles and credits (without including the artist’s name) are allowed in your video footage, although applicants should consider whether this is needed within the video footage itself or if this information is already clearly communicated in the labeling of the file and use of metadata. Video footage is never reviewed separately from the metadata included.  
  • For Video Links: Do not submit links to videos that need to be downloaded for access. Do not submit links to interactive websites. For online experiences or simulations, a video of the site in action is acceptable.  

NOTE: The panel will only review up to the maximum duration allowed for your application. If your video upload or link goes beyond this duration, please provide your cue points in the work sample description (metadata).

Work Sample Descriptions

Before you upload the .pdf file to your application, you will need to name your file. Do not label your work sample with your name. Instead, label it with the title of your work.

  • For video links: After you provide the link to your video, you will be requested to provide a password if applicable. Please ensure that the link and password you share will remain accessible until July 2024. Any broken links cannot be corrected after you submit your application.

TIP: Label each uploaded work sample starting with the title of the work. For excerpts, please include “excerpt” in the title.

Metadata Section in Application: A metadata section will appear on your application form after your work sample has been uploaded. In this section, you will be able to provide the following information:

Description (Video Uploads)

  • Title 
  • Date of Completion
  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Cue Points 
  • Additional information: Be sure to note whether your work samples represent documentation of a performance, installation, experience, etc

Description (Video Link)

  • Password (if applicable)
  • Title
  • Date of Completion
  • Materials
  • Dimensions
  • Cue Points
  • Additional information: Be sure to note whether your work samples represent documentation of a performance, installation, experience, etc

Formatting tips for video uploads: If your video files (uploads) are too large, you’ll need to compress them in order to upload them to the application. You can do so using video editing software, such as Movie Maker, Premiere, Final Cut, iMovie, etc.

When editing your video it is important to ensure your file is formatted correctly so that your video will play across a range of platforms whilst maintaining quality. Therefore it is important to choose the right codec and container for your file.

A codec is a method for encoding and decoding data and is used for compressing data, particularly video. Choosing the right container can depend on several desired outcomes, i.e. file size, playback quality, capabilities for re-editing etc. There are many codec and container combinations but h.264 and .mov or .mp4 are preferred as they are supported by a wide range of media players with little loss of quality.

SUPPORT STATEMENTS: Written Statements About your Artistic Practice

Written statements are to be submitted directly to the application form in the corresponding textboxes. We recommend writing your statements in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and pasting them to Submittable. Document uploads for written statements will not be accepted.

Artist Statement

(Required, 400-Words Max.): A concise statement giving an overview of your artistic practice.

  • This statement should give a brief introduction to ideas, themes, and methods in your practice (i.e. how you make what you make, and/or why you make what you make).
  • This statement should also specifically reflect the ideas and inspiration relevant to your submitted work samples.
  • Use this statement to highlight your role in creating/executing the work, as well as describing the key technical aspects of the work. 
  • You can also describe the circumstances in which the viewer/audience should experience the work.
  • Please include instructions on how to navigate your work if it’s interactive.
  • This is not an Artist Bio.
Cultural Statement

(Optional, 250-Words Max.): A supplemental statement that describes how your work is related to and/or rooted in a specific cultural practice, tradition, or community. This statement can also offer an opportunity to describe how your artistic work relates to or stems from your culturally-specific lived experience(s).


All applications must be submitted via the online application platform Submittable at NYFA does not accept any physical copies of applications.

  • Applicants must have a Submittable account in order to access the application form and upload supporting materials. 
  • To create an account, click on the NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship: DISCIPLINE 2024 application, enter your details, and click Create Account and Continue. 
  • A verification email will be sent to your email address. Check your inbox and click on the link provided in the email to verify your account. 
  • If you already have an account, sign in and begin the application.

TIP: We recommend creating an account directly on Submittable instead of signing in via your Google or Facebook account. If you do not receive an email from Submittable in your inbox, be sure to check your spam inbox!

Saving your progress on Submittable: To save your working application as a draft, scroll to the bottom of the form and select SAVE DRAFT. Applications are not considered complete until you hit SUBMIT. Sign in here to access your draft application

Locating your Submitted Application: Click here to review your Submitted application 

Notifications: Applicants will be notified of their application results via Submittable. We recommend using an email address that is regularly active to ensure that you are receiving updates.


Applications are reviewed over the course of 3 elimination rounds. All applications are reviewed anonymously in Round 1. 

Rounds 1 & 2: The panel will have access to each applicants’ Work Samples and Written Statements. Applications are assigned a number and reviewed anonymously. In this round, panelists are directed to review and score applications independently.

Round 3: The panel will meet as a group and collectively discuss the applications that have made it into this round, and conclude by selecting the Fellowship Recipients. 

Please note: Panelists will not look at websites of any kind during the application review process.


To request an accommodation or if you need assistance in applying online, please email [email protected] or call (212) 366-6900 ext. 166 on Tuesdays-Thursdays between 10:30 AM and 4:30 PM ET (NYFA is currently working on a hybrid schedule).

We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible, and no later than Wednesday, November 29 to allow adequate time for staff to support you in submitting an application before the deadline.