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Two women stand in an abandoned industrial warehouse, connected by a chord of fabric. Their image is reflected in a puddle in front of them.

Monday Motivation | Take Advantage of LinkedIn Endorsements

Kick off your week with Monday Motivation! Tip of the week LinkedIn endorsements might not be enough to replace letters of recommendation, but they can be helpful in letting recruiters know your work is known and trusted by your peers. If you’re looking for a job that requires certain skills, don’t be afraid to ask…

Dancers standing on deconstructed swivel chairs (with backs and armrests removed) and adapting to as extensions of their bodies in motion.

Monday Motivation | Sharpen Your Skills While on a Budget

Kick off your week with Monday Motivation! Tip of the week As times change, so do skill sets required by employers. Feel like you need a boost in your resume to keep up with the new market trends? Take advantage of free or low-cost online courses. These resources are great for those seeking introductory knowledge…

Keke Brown wearing a dark shirt with her hands restive over a black bar

Business of Art | Strategies for Submitting A Strong Performing Arts Application

What you need to know before submitting your next application, from interdisciplinary artist Pelenakeke Brown. Pelenakeke Brown, also known as Keke Brown, is a Samoan/Pakeha disabled artist from Aotearoa (New Zealand) whose interdisciplinary practice spans visual arts, writing, and performance. During her six and a half years living in New York City, Brown participated in…