Apply Now | NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship: Out-of-Cycle Review

Apply Now | NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship: Out-of-Cycle Review

Jump-start your fall fundraising with NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship.

Want to tap into new funding opportunities and offer your individual supporters a tax deduction on their charitable donation? Apply for NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship! NYFA accepts applications quarterly, and conducts Out-of-Cycle Reviews on an ongoing basis to accommodate all timelines. With end of year giving around the corner, now’s the time to find a fiscal sponsor. Apply now!

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?

Fiscal sponsorship is a tool for expanding fundraising capabilities for projects with a public benefit component. As an arts fiscal sponsor, NYFA’s program allows individual artists, artist collectives, and emerging organizations to utilize NYFA’s 501c3 tax status to further the fundraising efforts of their own projects. Fiscally Sponsored Projects and organizations also gain access to experienced staff for fundraising and project management consultations, as well as review of letters of inquiry and grant proposals, amongst other benefits.  

Why Apply for an Out-of-Cycle Review?

NYFA’s Out-of-Cycle application process allows artists to meet time-sensitive deadlines, as some grants require a fiscal sponsor at the time of submission. There is a $175 administrative fee for an Out-of-Cycle Review and applicants typically hear back from the panel in two weeks time. Email [email protected] to request an Out-of-Cycle application. Depending on your grant application timeline, NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship’s no-fee quarterly application deadlines may also meet your project needs!

Upcoming Funding Opportunities that Require Fiscal Sponsorship

Are you an artist or new organization, and interested in increasing your fundraising opportunities through NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship? No-fee applications are accepted on a quarterly basis and our upcoming December deadline is around the corner. We also accept Out-of-Cycle Reviews year-round. Click here to learn more about the program and to apply.  

Image: FuturPointe Dance (Fiscally Sponsored), Elephant Grass: An Afrofutur-Mystic Tale, 2017, Rochester, NY, Photo Credit: Adrian Elim

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