2020 Recipients

The NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music and Theatre fund is a signature initiative by The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) to address the underrepresentation of all who identify as women in the entertainment industries.

In 2020, finishing funds in the combined amount of $2 million were awarded to 94 music, theatre, film and digital media projects led by artists who identify as women or coming from a female perspective. The 2020 cycle was the second round of a $5.5 million, three-year program funded by MOME and administered by NYFA. This year, MOME added $500,000 to support music projects.


Documentary Webseries

Elizabeth Charles, Before We Wrap

Deniz Khateri, Diasporan

Judy Lieff, Up For Debate

Veena Rao, The Art of Exile

Sacred Pact (Sunny Facer and Jacqueline Davis), Hidden Kingdom

Nova Scott-James, Wild Darlings Sing The Blues

Candace Thompson, The Collaborative Urban Resilience Banquet (aka The C.U.R.B.)


Rebecca Blandón

Viktoria I.V. King

Abbey Lustgarten

Den Quinsay

Documentary Short

Zoya Baker, Ghosts of Derwyddon

Lydia Cornett, Bug Farm

Melissa Friedling, An Odd Pair

Ash Goh Hua, I’m Free Now, You Are Free (working title)

Allison Prete, The Women of Slender Means

Yin Q, Fly in Power

Alex Strada, truths

Gabriele Urbonaite, Solastalgia


Jillian Báez

Bedatri Datta Choudhury

Lana Lin

Traci Mark

Akosua Adoma Owusu

Documentary Feature

Abigail Child, Origin of the Species (aka More Than Human)

Maya Cueva and Leah Galant, On The Divide

Immy Humes, Shirley Clarke Documentary

Zara Katz, Lisa Riordan Seville, and Kiara C. Jones, Women on the Outside

Holly Morris, Exposure

Mirissa Neff, This is National Wake

Rachel Elizabeth Seed, A Photographic Memory

Michèle Stephenson, Going To Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project


Martine Granby

Romola Lucas

Betsy Morais

Chloë Walters-Wallace

Fiction Webseries

Sophia de Baun, Out There

Léa Furnion, Lea’s DIY

Liann Kaye, The Blessing

Joyce Keokham, WYA WYD (Where You At? What You Doing?)

Natalya Nyn, Women Funny?

Sylvia Sichel, The Janes

Kathleen Wallace, The Evagelists


Danielle Earle

Traci Mark

Naomi Munro

Geneva White

Fiction Short

Alison Barton and Bonnie Dennison, Brown Bagger

Noelia Rodríguez Deza, Ese verano nos quedamos en casa – That Summer, We Stayed at Home

Grace Kim, The Weeds in this Garden

Helen Nwosu, My Mighty: Dos Boriquas Se Encuentran en Idaho

Artemis Shaw, Real Talk

Jingjing Tian, Meatloaf

Sarah Todes, GAMP

Anu Valia, & On & On

Sen-I Yu, My Heavenly City


Jen Atalla

Kristina Newman-Scott

Christina Raia

Efe Kabba

Fiction Feature

Signe Baumane, My Love Affair With Marriage

Jenny Lester, What She Said

Talia Lugacy, This Is Not a War Story

Stefanie K Sparks, Blueberry


Gina Duncan

Aliza Ma

Easmanie Michel

Lucy Mukerjee

Sarah Schulman

Classical/Jazz/Experimental/New Music

Hadaiyah Bey, Safe Travels

Jane Ira Bloom, Picturing The Invisible

Sarah Elizabeth Charles, Blank Canvas

Amanda Gookin, Forward Music Project

Candice Hoyes and Val Jeanty, Nite Bjuti

Dana Lyn, A Point on a Slow Curve

Adi Meyerson, “I Want To Sing My Heart Out In Praise Of Life” – The Kusama Suite

Migiwa Miyajima, 10 Years and Counting – Unbreakable Hope and Resilience

Music Kitchen – Food for the Soul, Forgotten Voices

Ibiwunmi Olaiya (aka Wunmi Olaiya), Little Girl (working title)

Kamala Sankaram, Looking at You

Sara Serpa, Intimate Strangers

Teodora Stepančić, Teodora Stepančić – Duets

Anjna Swaminathan, Woven: Entangled Memorabilia

Lucy Yeghiazaryan, IN HER WORDS


Cat Henry

Alice Jones

Miya Masaoka

Mendi Obadike

Marietta Ulacia

General Music

A Song For Life and Harlem Renaissance High School Music Students, Let Her Rock!

Raquel Acevedo-Klein, Se Levanta (It Rises)

Shilpa Ananth, Fear

Aya Aziz, Murals and Moons

Natu Camara, Natu Camara

Renee Goust, Re-Sister

Evie Joy, Found (working title)

Charlene Kaye, Conscious Control

Julia Kwamya, Feel Good About Feeling Bad

Alyssa Kayhill, Love Is What It Will Be

Cat Martino (Stranger Cat), Dear Leonarda (working title)

Tina Hanae Miller, Hanaé –「華え」

Thanh Hien Nguyen, Bloom

Elena Pinderhughes, She’s Made of Sunlight

Martha Redbone, Red Whistle Woman

Resistance Revival Chorus, This Joy

Isa Reyes, Bels

Helen Sung, Quartet²

Emily Wells, And a New Era of Silence = Death

Jennifer Wharton, Bonegasm – Not a Novelty


Nikisha Bailey

Meera Dugal

Christal Jerez

Jennifer Justice

Jennifer Le

Chaka Pilgrim

Suzzy Roche

Pyeng Threadgill


Tara Ahmadinejad, Piehole – Disclaimer

Lyndsey Bourne, The Tank – I Was Unbecoming Then

Debra Ann Byrd, New Heritage Theatre Group – Becoming Othello: A Black Girl’s Journey

Mallory Catlett, Restless Productions, NYC – Rainbird

Rinne Groff, Clubbed Thumb – The Woman’s Party

Deepali Gupta and Lucy Jackson, United States v. Gupta

Julia May Jonas, The Bushwick Star – All Long True American Stories

Ellen Maddow, Talking Band – The Lemon Girls, or Art for the Artless

Melissa Moschitto, The Anthropologists – No Pants In Tucson

Lauren Petty, All Over Everywhere

Alexis Roblan, Samuel

Tori Sampson, The Vineyard Theatre and Workshop Center – This Land was Made

Jaime Sunwoo, Specially Processed American Me

Melisa Tien, Swell

Sanaz Toossi, Roundabout Theatre Company – English

Lois Weaver, Last Gasp


Oana Botez

Migdalia Cruz

Sue Kessler

Suzette Porte

Vickie Ramirez

Karin Schall

Seret Scott

Helen Shaw

Sharon Washington

Image Credit: Courtesy the City of New York Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment