Evaluation and Selection Process


Applications should accurately describe the project, target audience, and plans for community engagement. Eligible applications are scored by peer review panels based on the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Creativity and Artistic Merit – A competitive applicant’s artistic or organization mission is highly aligned with the proposed project or program’s goals, and is reflected in the quality of their submitted work samples. 
  2. Clarity of Project Proposal – A competitive application is cohesive and both the project concept and logistics are clearly described. Key participating artists and collaborators are identified and their roles are clearly defined.
  3. Community Engagement – A competitive application clearly identifies the project’s intended Queens-based audience and provides an engaging, culturally-relevant arts or cultural experience that is reflective of the diversity of Queens. Competitive applications demonstrate evidence of long-lasting, sustainable relationships between the applicant and members of their target audience. 
  4. Project Feasibility – A competitive application is able to clearly demonstrate its ability to successfully complete the proposed project. The timeline and budget are clear and realistic in relation to the project’s scope.


January 2023

NYFA staff will review all applications for eligibility and completeness following the application deadline. Ineligible or incomplete applications will be eliminated from consideration and will not be reviewed by panelists.

February-March 2023

Panelists will carefully review and pre-score assigned applications based on their artistic discipline. Panelists will then participate in virtual panel review sessions to discuss each application they have reviewed as a group. This peer review process determines the distribution of grant funds to QAF applicants.

Please note: Only the information and materials contained within the application will be considered during review. Any additional information presented after the application deadline will not be accepted or considered.

March-April 2023

Panel recommendations are presented to NYFA’s Board of Directors for review, who have final approval. NYFA staff do not state opinions or make recommendations during panel deliberations.

April 2023

Award notifications will be sent in April 2023. All applicants will receive a notification regardless of the outcome.


Panelists are an integral part of the Queens Arts Fund grant-making process. Panelists are artists, cultural workers, educators, and community leaders who are familiar with Queens and care about the people who live there. Panelists carefully review and score applications and participate in a (virtual) panel review session, and receive a small honorarium for their time and service.

Interested in serving as a panelist? Or interested in nominating someone to be a panelist? Visit the link below to learn more!



Denied applicants will have 10 days from the date of notification to make an administrative appeal of the funding decision.

The three grounds for appeal are:

  1. Non-presentation of information
  2. Misrepresentation of information
  3. Improper procedure: Contention by the applicant that: 1) the review of the funding request by the appropriate panel was biased; 2) the decision by the selection panel was arbitrary and capricious.

NOTE: Dissatisfaction with a denial of an award or with the grant amount is not eligible grounds for appeal.

To begin the appeals process, the applicant must first speak with NYFA staff to receive application feedback and panel notes. Once the applicant has received application feedback and grounds for appeal are valid, a formal letter to the Executive Director of NYFA must be submitted. The formal letter must specifically cite the ground(s) for the appeal, and must request that the decision be appealed.

All questions should be directed to [email protected].

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