Insurance & Preparedness

Business Insurance for Artists 101
When it comes to protecting yourself and your art, being proactive is key. Don’t wait for problems to arise to start shopping for insurance.

How to Look for Emergency Grants and Resources
Learn how to track financial relief for artists and freelancers, engage with other artists in difficult times, and ways to strengthen the arts community.

Protect Your Work from Natural Disasters
A disaster plan is essential for any artist looking to build and maintain a safe and sustainable creative practice.

Protect Your Work from Flooding with These Three Steps
We’re breaking emergency preparedness down into manageable essentials, starting with flooding, to help all artists feel more confident should they face a natural disaster or other crisis.

Best Practices for Shipping and Handling Your Art
Jonathan Schwartz, President/CEO of fine arts logistics company Atelier 4, helps artists develop a framework for shipping and handling success.

Emergency Preparedness for Artists
Resources and advice for safeguarding your artistic practice.

Highlight Reel from Pixels, Lines & Bits
Top tips on A/V preservation for artists by preservation consultant Kathryn Gronsbell.

Image: Jack Elliott (Fellow in Crafts/Sculpture ’17), Van Rose Benches, 2010