Fundraising & Applications


Grant Writing Basics: How To Put Your Best Foot Forward with Funders
Filmmaker, consultant, producer, and arts funding specialist Tracie Holder shares her grant writing expertise with NYFA to help you gain confidence in your fundraising and proposal writing abilities by providing a solid road map to begin the process. 

Individual Giving 101
If individual giving is not part of your overall fundraising plan, it should be! Read on for individual giving insights from Katherine Delaney, former Development Director, and Kimberly Goodis, former Senior Officer of Individual Giving and Special Events.

Individual Giving: How to Successfully Cultivate Donors and Raise Funds
Get insights from Kimberly Goodis, Senior Officer of Individual Giving and Special Events, on the WhoWhat, and When of individual giving.

Crowdfunding 101
Crowdfunding consultant and artist Daniel Sharp shares what you need to know before launching your next successful crowdfunding campaign.

How to Launch and Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
Fundraising consultant and artist Iquo B. Essien shares how she raised $35,000 in 8 weeks through crowdfunding to support her work. She’ll also provide tips for how to launch a successful fundraiser in 8 weeks with a proven methodology.

Five Tips for Smarter (Not Harder) Fundraising
Fundraising for artist projects will no doubt take up time, but it doesn’t need to overwhelm your day-to-day if you think strategically.

Crafting a Year-End Fundraising Strategy
Nearly one third of all charitable donations are given in December. Create a plan to connect with your audience during this crucial time of year.

Making the Match with Supporters
Learn how and where artists and organizations can gain the support they need, with actionable tips for doing so from NYFA’s Madeleine Cutrona.

Proposal Writing for Funding Projects
Learn about the components for a successful search and the different types of granting organizations.

Navigating Sponsorship Opportunities
Learn how to identify and approach potential sponsors for your next art exhibition or project.


Don’t Miss a Deadline: Find and Track Applications
This post walks you through several strategies to help you find and manage application deadlines—from developing a routine to creating and updating a submissions calendar and database with a free template to download. 

The Artist Statement: 5 Do’s and Dont’s
NYFA Staff read thousands of artist statements a year. Here is their advice on what to do, and what not to do.

How to Write a Strong Application
Your words represent you, your point of view, and ultimately tell the story of why your work should be supported. With limited time to designate to writing grant applications, we share how you can make the most of your time and energy.

How to Write an Effective Project Narrative
This post offers actionable tips and advice for organizing, brainstorming, writing, and editing project narratives.

How to Create an Artist Resume
Many opportunities and grants will ask you to submit an artist resume as part of your application package. In this post, NYFA’s Andrea Kleine defines what an artist resume is and walk artists of all disciplines through how to create one.

Representing Your Artwork Online
Work Samples are an integral part of every NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship application. Read on for tips to consider when putting together your portfolio for submission.

Navigating the Grant Application Process as a Performing Artist
These tips from Lauren Slone, Director of Grants and Research at the MAP Fund, will help you be more strategic when applying for grants.

Strategies for Submitting a Strong Performing Arts Application
NYFA asked interdisciplinary artist Pelenakeke Brown (IAP Mentee ’16, Mentor ’19) to talk about her successful trajectory and share tips for best approaching performance applications. Read this post to learn more about where to spot opportunities, what kinds of application materials you should always have at hand, and more.

Being a First-Time NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship Applicant
Submitting an application for a NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship for the first time can be challenging. Read this post for tips that will make your application process smoother.

Practice, Project, or Both…and Why This Matters
Not sure if what you do is considered a project? Then click the above link for some insights from Sarah Corpron, Former Director of Business Services, on how to tackle this question.

Get the Yes: Application Tips for Writers from BinderCon NYC
Application strategies from the BinderCon NYC session, “Get the Yes: Crafting the Best Application for Residencies, Fellowships, Grants, and Workshops” presented by writers Grace Jahng Lee (IAP ’13) and Glendaliz Camacho.

Am I an “Emerging” Artist?
An #ArtistHotline discussion of the distinction, or lack thereof, between an “emerging” and a “mid-career” artist, and tips for dealing with the ambiguity of these terms when finding and applying for opportunities.

NYFA Source: Travel Grant Tips and Opportunities
Learn how to strengthen your proposal and complete a successful travel grant application.

Image: Jane South (Fellow in Sculpture ’07), Floor/Ceiling (Detail), 2013